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Cloud Predictive Dialer Software

Automate outbound calls so that your team and agents get more productive to utilize the shift timings optimally.

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Cloud Predictive Dialer SoftwareEnhances Agent Productivity

Our cloud based predictive dialer transforms agents to be more productive and allow them to answer calls for multiple campaigns as per campaign demand.


Maximize Business Outcome

Increase contact rates and revenue generation rate with our automated cloud dialer software for your business.


Increases Leads and Revenue

Decreases call wasterate, and increases talking time for each callsincrease call efficiency. Our hosted dialer system increases sales and revenue gains with a contact dialer.


Connect Calls based on Agent’s and Lead’s Connectivity

Our hosted dialer makes you avoid busy signals, answering machines, and disconnected numbers so that agents get connected to the calls that are available.


Save Agent TIme and Improve Productivity

Save your agents' time withour outbound dialer calling process that automatically make them more productive.

Key Features


DND Filtering/Scrubbing

With DND Scrubbing, customers on DND will not receive updates from your company, saving you from any compliance troubles.


Live Analytics & Dashboard

With cloud predictive dialer, live calls page modifies to show Agent Type, summary for Outbound Calls, Blended Agents receive Inbound Calls as well do Outbound Call Center Calling.


Upload Phonebook

Upload all phonebook contacts on the panel and feed data beforehand to automate the whole outbound calling process and saves a lot of time.


Campaign Logs

Campaign logs to show the status of running, completed and paused campaigns. it also allow filtering of campaign on the basis of Campaign Type and outbound call center type.


Agents Summary

With a comprehensive dashboard, our hosted dialer let you change agents' availability status, type of agent (inbound/outbound), type of call group and agent type etc.

Easily integrate your dialer with any CRM Solution

super receptionalist integration

Parth Cloud Based Predictive Dialer Integrates Easily With Any CRM Solution

Parth Cloud Based Predictive Dialer let agents see caller details on their CRMfor a live calls. At the time of call, customer details will be popped up on screen to educate agent about the current customer’s issue beforehand.

Our Hosted Predictive Outbound Dialers Help BusinessesFrom Every Sector

outbound dialer

Call Center

Best suited for outbound call centers that are being used in organizations’ cold calling process and inside sales of a product.


Banking Sector

Our Predictive Auto Dialer software generates leads for the banking sector with increasing productivity of inside sales.

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