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Cloud Conference Bridge

Best Configured Cloud Conference Bridge – Audio Conferencing Solution

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Enjoy The Power Of Communication With Cloud Conference Bridge Solution

Our cloud conference bridge is designed to make flawless conference calls in real time from multiple locations with over 100 participants.

Flawless Audio Conferencing

Installing the cloud conference bridge solution enable making conference call between multi location offices without any flaws during the conversation. It also let you track and record conversations anytime and anywhere.

Unprecedented Reach

Stay in touch with all your domestic and international office branches to maintain a smooth business process. Synchronize all branches for attending training session at once. Make meetings and coordination easier than ever.

Instant Communication

It let all participants to enter the conference room by just entering a password. Now conducting meetings between associates and leaders across the world is easier. Cross communication barrier with our latest conference bridge on cloud.

Personalized Experience

Create customized group for each meeting and conversation as and when needed. Record all group conversation, edit participant list and remove any participant whenever needed.

Increased Productivity

With Conference Bridge it’s easy to maintain daily follow-ups, announcements & reminders between a group members using automated calling system. Now your associates have more scope to develop work process.

Conversation Analytics

Compare and analyze if the training session or meeting went well by evaluating the recoded conversation. Admin can also listen to the conference conversation in real-time.

Power Of Communication In Simplest Way

Maximize intra-organization communication scope with cloud conference bridge

Zero installation, infrastructural or operational cost

Conference Bridge on cloud service waves away the need of buying a traditional, expensive conferencing system that need costly maintenance, installation and infrastructural need.

Reports & real time analytics dashboard

Get real time statistics on your all conference calls in regards of call duration. It helps boosting employee productivity by analyze training quality, call duration etc.

International reach

Reach to international branches with our easy to handle cloud based conference bridge system.

Web Based

Our cloud based conference bridge software needs no hardware or software installation. It can work through web based system and connects to any phone number easily.

Schedule Meeting Across Branches

Hosted conference bridge let you schedule a meeting on urgent basis across the domestic and international branches.

Zero Travel Expenses For Big Meetings

Now reduce all travel expenses for conducting meeting between branches by scheduling meeting over conference bridge over cloud.

Benefits Of Cloud Conference Bridge

The best way of business communication is through telephone and audio conferencing. Conference bridge not only saves a lot of transportation cost but also makes communication easy and affordable. Cloud based system makes it easier, better and cheaper for companies to have the best audio conferencing system.

Key benefits of Cloud Conference Bridge

  • Savesa lot of transportation cost and time
  • Connects multiple branches
  • It just need basic telephony system and general sound equipment.
  • It offers utter confidentiality in terms of data security
  • Can serve 50 to 3000 users at once
  • Can record and save the meetings as voice file for anonymous time period

Cloud Based Conference Bridge

Industry wise application

Big Powers

  • Schedule meeting between international branches easily
  • Training new associates are easier along with maintaining same standard across branches
  • Quality of work process is maintained easily without any huge investments

Government Department

  • Conversation can be recorded & stored for future reference
  • Department head or leader can interact with their multiple subordinates any time without travelling long distance.
  • It is important tool to connect remote location people effectively & securely

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